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Howdy! It’s has been a while, hasn’t it? It won’t happen again babe, promise. I did come back with a treat however… In 1980, a prolific trio began their reign of cowpunk/alternative music upon this fair country.This band’s music defined a generation that took independent thinking and expression to unknown pleasures. The band I am … Continue reading


Who rocks the HAUSU? This band does. Hausu captures everything that I want to hear. There is very little written about the band…It’s believed that their transcripts were lost centuries ago. This is my interview with the members of Hausu: 1. What is the story behind Hausu? (Go beyond a band bio) – Santi – … Continue reading


Do you like super special treats? Because that is what you are in store for in this installment of B.T.L.D.’s Q&A. This is Jov NOVOSTI Luke (Facebook) This is a video for Jov’s solo project, NOVOSTI (myspace) The music video for Junebug was directed by Alexander Jorgensen (check out his Vimeo!) Novosti is a unique … Continue reading

HELLO ELECTRIC and the Vision Quest of SKYCHIEF

Epic title?…possibly. Appropriate?…AB-SO-LUTELY! Follow me this way. This is HELLO ELECTRIC Remember? If not, go here and here. Members include: ZacharyBendt-Skins HenryGibson-Bass/Synth KirkOhnstad-Guitar/Vocals There are a great many of things in which Hello Electric is preparing for: 1. SKYCHIEF (Release Show at Mississippi Studios on February 14th of this New Year) Skychief is Hello Electric’s … Continue reading


I’ve been on hiatus, focusing on school and managing HELLO ELECTRIC (more to come…soon) Anyways…I wanted to update my readers with a cool opportunity to show your support to the bands that I have written about/interviewed. Here it is: The Deli’s Best of Portland Emerging Artists Year End Poll! Many of your favorite local artists … Continue reading


This is Mr. Nick Principe of Port St. Willow Nick is a solo artist. As most solo artists do, Nick started his own musical project called, Port St. Willow (saint, not street). His music is a lot like candy from the beloved candy makers, See’s candies, where you are overwhelmed with clusters of bodily sensations. … Continue reading

W2TW: Copyright part 2 (the second part)

Howdy cheeky monkeys! I am continuing my piece on copyright. In this installment, I will be stressing the movement of protecting your intellectual property, while also introducing your rights as a copyright holder. Copyright Registration: The myths about registration, the facts, and what it is If you are looking to ‘get’ a copyright or register … Continue reading


THIS IS ADAM SHEARER… ADAM SHEARER (The Beardless Sessions) …Adam is the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the band WEINLAND… Like Superman, Adam plummeted to Earth pure and true. Mr. Shearer is like a ginger ‘Man of Steel.’ His mission: to connect with passionate individuals who are mutually interested in sharing thoughts. As you … Continue reading

W2TW: Copyright part 1

As you may know, most of you don’t (it’s okay), I am majoring in Music Industry studies (future barista extraordinaire!) I have had the opportunity for the past two years to learn about music business practices, new and old, all the way to marketing and music law. I thought it would be best to share … Continue reading

Andrew McKeag (AMcK) of The Presidents of The United States of America

I had the pleasure of talking to a legendary Seattleite. His name is Andrew McKeag. He plays guitar, bass, guitbass, and vocal chords. Andrew is also the Public Programs Producer for the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Mr. McKeag has played in several bands since 1990, including (total bands=14ish): -Liquid Sunshine -Uncle Joe’s Big Ol’ … Continue reading