Jake Muilenburg (JM) of Vancouver

This is Mr. Jake Muilenburg. I’ve known him for a number of years. His taste in music can knock the pants off your mama! (watch out if you are feeling a bit maternal) He is currently co-hosting a Krautrock radio show called, The End is Neu (it rocks/is informative) Jake is also a terrific story … Continue reading


Tish Fagan can only be described through alliteration. Tish Fagan is a badass broad, bodaciously boarding (through life’s) benevolent basics…while beat-downheartedly burrowing into the best back-roads. I’ll let her take it from here. ALrrriighHHHtttt… So, i’m living in SE Portland close to 20th and Burnside.  I go to PCC Sylvania part time. I’m taking philosophy … Continue reading

Robert Peterson (RP) of Alberta

Robert Peterson A brief overview… This is Robert Peterson. He is a stud who lives right off of Alberta (a street in Portland). Robert is a Web Developer. He works for a company in Portland building web-based work-flow management systems.     Robert also shreds on guitar (he is especially proficient in funk and blues). … Continue reading