ADAM SHEARER (The Beardless Sessions)

…Adam is the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for the band WEINLAND

Like Superman, Adam plummeted to Earth pure and true. Mr. Shearer is like a ginger ‘Man of Steel.’ His mission: to connect with passionate individuals who are mutually interested in sharing thoughts.

As you will eventually find out, Adam’s blood has an extra ‘kick’ to it. His zesty blood type includes an uncanny amount of transparency that would make cellophane blush…I am talking about undiluted honesty (do you realize the street value of honesty?!)

In summation, Adam is real, down to Earth, and talented. These are qualities you can hear in the interview and in WEINLAND’s music. Simply astonishing.

Find WEINLAND at their:


In this interview we talk about:

-Support systems
-Gaining notoriety
-Current projects
-Portland’s music scene and culture
-Upcoming events
-Love and music

WEINLAND has released two LP’s, including:
-La Lamentor
-Breaks in the Sun

-Contributed the Led Zeppelin cover, ‘hey hey what can i do’ to From The Land of Ice and Snow.

WEINLAND is currently finishing the mixdowns for their upcoming album (more to be told in the interview)

*ALSO, look out for WEINLAND at the Doug Fir Lounge this New Year’s Eve (Friday, Dec. 31st). Their will be many beloved Portland musicians sharing the stage, so look grab some tickets before they are sold out! Go check out Doug Fir’s business

WEINLAND will also be starting a Kickstarter project soon, so please support their cause (there is value in it if you do choose to donate).

Please enjoy!

Thank you Adam for sharing your words.


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