Rich Holtzman (RH) of The Artists Organization

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to share perspectives and stories concerning Portland’s music. Beyond these parameters, I also wanted to talk about the music industry, so that hopefully one of my readers could pull some inspiration from a business discussion (business inspiration pieces will be coming soon). Today, I have the … Continue reading


This is my interview with Mr. Jake Pavlak (guitarist & lead singer) of Yeltsin. He is a rad dude from Eugene, OR. During this two part interview, Pavlak and I unveil the mysterious origins behind Yeltsin. Bare with me on the sound levels, but most importantly, dig on the stories and content. You can find … Continue reading

Update with Nathan Jurgensen (NJ) of Amos Val

Nate and I just finished an expedition of questionnaires concerning Amos Val’s **New Album** entitled, Amos Val. The album has 6 tracks (hard copy includes a little something extra (raised eyebrow)). The tangible version of the album can be found on their *Myspace*. The packaging is very much in the vein of Amos Val and … Continue reading

FOR.THE.WIN: Yeltsin

Have you ever listened to a band that you embraced so much, but have found the task of communicating what exactly makes the music sticky a struggle? This is Yeltsin. They are… Yeltsin’s music is blaring inside the projection room of my memories. Nostalgia, at it’s finest. Jake Pavlak (guitar/vocal) narrates as the projectionist, whose … Continue reading


I am changing format. My Q&A’s will be recorded from now on. You will be able to find these recordings at my bandcamp page. This is my conversation with James. It is deep. It is real. It is… You can stay in touch with James/find out more at his tumbler! You can also download his … Continue reading


There is an irresistible and welcoming feeling when someone rubs their hands together, as if to start a wild fire in their palms, and transfers their warmth to your cheeks. I’m not talking about a dry hobo rubdown; I’m speaking of a healing and comforting touch. There exists a man who can create this feeling … Continue reading