HELLO ELECTRIC and the Vision Quest of SKYCHIEF

Epic title?…possibly. Appropriate?…AB-SO-LUTELY! Follow me this way.



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Members include:

There are a great many of things in which Hello Electric is preparing for:

1. SKYCHIEF (Release Show at Mississippi Studios on February 14th of this New Year)

Skychief is Hello Electric’s newest album. Skychief is excellent. The album has a spacey, moonless flow to it, making for an atmosphere built on personal engagement…damn. Every song is different from the last, whilst staying within their true nature. The two themes that keep this locomotive from decomposing are the Hierarchy of Needs-ish lyrics and the balance between utter aggression v. a calm and reflective self.

Fun Fact: Skychief was produced by John Gourley of Portugal. The Man. Awesome.

Skychief has a natural blend to it (hoowww Portland). The lyrics capture the emotions and connectivity to nature, as well as to our basic instincts, which is designated simply by the word,  survival. It is the living pressures that makes their lyrics so bold and unsettled. Set the tone of dire life with ride or die natives, animals of royalty, and mortality, and you get Skychief. The even greater part is how all of these swings of nature compliment the unbiased use of drum machine….MAN V. NATURE (V. FOOD!!!).

This is a single off of Skychief: Bear King

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Hello Electric is going on tour to promote SKYCHIEF. Here are the dates.

2/14-SKYCHIEF RELEASE SHOW!!! Mississippi Studios (Portland): Hello Electric, with WAMPIRE and Housefire.
2/16-Silverlake Lounge (L.A., California): Hello Electric, The Ross Sea Party, and The Californian
2/17-Cafe Coda (Chico, California): Hello Electric with The Shimmies
2/18-TBA (San Francisco, California): Hello Electric with The Golden Ghosts and 3 Million
2/21-Soda Bar (San Diego, California): Hello Electric with Lord Juggernaut and PILOTS
2/28-Beauty Bar (Portland): Hello Electric with The We Shared Milk

Expect more NW dates! If Hello Electric is playing a show in your town, shoot them an email. spacemanusa.music@gmail.com They scratch backs.


Two videos are in the works.

The first video is animated. This first video is COMANCHE.Watch the teaser and storyboard at the provided link.


Kirk, Henry, and Zach are currently in the filming process for Three of Clubs (listen here) with Mr. Ben Parslow (director). It is rumored that the video will be highly intense and highly illegal…Let’s hope they produce!

Stay in touch with Hello Electric here:
SITE-Look out for the newest Newsletter!

Email me (cameronclowers@gmail.com) or the guys of Hello Electric (spacemanusa.music@gmail.com) for any exclusives or just cause. We dig on talking.

*Last item lastly…Hello Electric was nominated as one of Portland’s best emerging bands on The Deli Magazine Portland. Show your support and vote for Hello Electric! (no sign up required).

Talk with you Love Birds soon,

Cameron Clowers
State of Love and Trust


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