HELLO ELECTRIC and the Vision Quest of SKYCHIEF

Epic title?…possibly. Appropriate?…AB-SO-LUTELY! Follow me this way. This is HELLO ELECTRIC Remember? If not, go here and here. Members include: ZacharyBendt-Skins HenryGibson-Bass/Synth KirkOhnstad-Guitar/Vocals There are a great many of things in which Hello Electric is preparing for: 1. SKYCHIEF (Release Show at Mississippi Studios on February 14th of this New Year) Skychief is Hello Electric’s … Continue reading

Rich Holtzman (RH) of The Artists Organization

When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to share perspectives and stories concerning Portland’s music. Beyond these parameters, I also wanted to talk about the music industry, so that hopefully one of my readers could pull some inspiration from a business discussion (business inspiration pieces will be coming soon). Today, I have the … Continue reading


In this week’s Q&A, I have the distinct pleasure of connecting with multi-instrumentalist & founder of Hello Electric, Kirk Ohnstad. Kirk. I’ve read that you started Hello Electric as a solo project during college in 2005. In 2008, Zachary and Henry joined the ensemble. What was the transition like moving from writing everything solely to … Continue reading


Portland is known for harvesting an eclectic range of electric based bands. However, none of these collections pack as much pesticide free-raw power as Hello Electric. Formatted by Kirk Ohnstad (multi-instrumentalist) in 2005, Hello Electric has grown to include the also multifaceted and very much bearded, Zachary Bendt and Henry Gibson. Together, they serve a … Continue reading