Who rocks the HAUSU?

VINTAGE Japanese

This band does.

Hausu captures everything that I want to hear. There is very little written about the band…It’s believed that their transcripts were lost centuries ago.

This is my interview with the members of Hausu:

1. What is the story behind Hausu? (Go beyond a band bio)

– Santi – I knew Carl the first year of school, and then when Ben and Alex came to school, we started jamming together in a group under the name Meth Group whose sole purpose was to play one party. It wasn’t very serious, and sometimes we took it seriously, but not really. A few months later when we stopped doing that we asked Carl to join on bass and the longer we played the longer we decided what we were interested in. It just went from there.

– Ben – We were interested in playing music that was energetic and powerful without creating a party vibe. We were kind of worn out of party punk, and we wanted to create music that people could enjoy without being super drunk.

2. What influenced you to write post-punk/shoegaze pieces? What does your writing process consist of? Who are some of Hausu’s influences music wise?

– Ben – I don’t think that I write songs to be a certain genre; I just started writing music and figuring out the way I like it to sound. I hear what my friends play, and I try to develop that. For now, I bring song skeletons to practice and we all work on it together, but for our newer material we’re going to be working on it more together. Some of my influences are Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, Orange Juice, and Swirlies.

Santi – The thing is I don’t really know if I can claim any influence because I don’t feel like the music I usually listen to has drumming similar to Hausu. There are a lot of things in noisy/raw punk music I like such as Pissed Jeans, SQRM. I watch a lot of the videos for the band, Christmas, and their drummer, Jake, has an interesting style that is incredible.

Carl – My influence on playing bass draws heavily from 90s rock such as the Swirlies and Sebadoh.

3. Most bands of your style generally have somber/melancholy lyrics. How would you describe the characteristics of your lyrics?

Ben – Reflective and optimistic.

3 1/2. Who are some of your vocal influences?

Ben – I just started singing in a voice that felt natural for me. Edwyn Collins is sort of an influence. Gregorian chant also has helped a lot.


4. What are some of your favorite aspects about Portland’s music scene?

Santi – For me, it’s the general openness and friendliness of people I’ve met in the music scene, they’ve showed me a lot and taught me a lot. And, not to say there aren’t bad things, those are some of the things I like.

Alex – Well, Portland’s proximity to Olympia and Seattle have allowed us to play outside of the Portland scene. We’ve almost played more in Seattle than we have in Portland, but the general culture and positive nature of the scene is the best part.

5. If you could be any place and/or object in Portland, what would you be?

Carl – If I could be any place or object? I’d probably be the construction site on Highway 99 where I got my speeding ticket.

Santi – The Vegan strip club

Ben – Duck! Little Brother Duck’s house

Alex – The Pearl District

6. I see you have a few tracks roaming online, is Hausu working on an LP? Release date?

– Ben – We’re working on a 12” EP coming out in October, we’re coming up with a whole new set.

7. If you could give advice to fellow Portland musicians, what would it be?


8. Please, fill people in to what Hausu will be releasing next.

– Alex – We’re going to release more tracks on the INTERNET soon for free. Maybe. Hopefully.

I just want to thank Ben, Alex, Carl, and Santi for doing this rad interview. I wish the best of luck to Hausu.

Reach HAUSU @:





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