I’ve been on hiatus, focusing on school and managing HELLO ELECTRIC (more to come…soon) Anyways…I wanted to update my readers with a cool opportunity to show your support to the bands that I have written about/interviewed. Here it is: The Deli’s Best of Portland Emerging Artists Year End Poll! Many of your favorite local artists … Continue reading

Jake Muilenburg (JM) of Vancouver

This is Mr. Jake Muilenburg. I’ve known him for a number of years. His taste in music can knock the pants off your mama! (watch out if you are feeling a bit maternal) He is currently co-hosting a Krautrock radio show called, The End is Neu (it rocks/is informative) Jake is also a terrific story … Continue reading

Jason Powell (JP) of Guantanamo Baywatch

In this week’s Q&A, I will be hitting up guitarist/hair of Guantanamo Baywatch, Jason Powell.


The North West; where the coastal waves of the Pacific kiss the mouth of the Columbia River with salty foreign fragrances. This nostalgic and welcoming aroma is then embalmed with waters that are more familiar with motor oil than algae. This polluted tributary being Portland’s own Willamette River. The Willamette may lack in waves, but … Continue reading