HELLO ELECTRIC and the Vision Quest of SKYCHIEF

Epic title?…possibly. Appropriate?…AB-SO-LUTELY! Follow me this way. This is HELLO ELECTRIC Remember? If not, go here and here. Members include: ZacharyBendt-Skins HenryGibson-Bass/Synth KirkOhnstad-Guitar/Vocals There are a great many of things in which Hello Electric is preparing for: 1. SKYCHIEF (Release Show at Mississippi Studios on February 14th of this New Year) Skychief is Hello Electric’s … Continue reading

FOR.THE.WIN: Yeltsin

Have you ever listened to a band that you embraced so much, but have found the task of communicating what exactly makes the music sticky a struggle? This is Yeltsin. They are… Yeltsin’s music is blaring inside the projection room of my memories. Nostalgia, at it’s finest. Jake Pavlak (guitar/vocal) narrates as the projectionist, whose … Continue reading


There is an irresistible and welcoming feeling when someone rubs their hands together, as if to start a wild fire in their palms, and transfers their warmth to your cheeks. I’m not talking about a dry hobo rubdown; I’m speaking of a healing and comforting touch. There exists a man who can create this feeling … Continue reading


The North West; where the coastal waves of the Pacific kiss the mouth of the Columbia River with salty foreign fragrances. This nostalgic and welcoming aroma is then embalmed with waters that are more familiar with motor oil than algae. This polluted tributary being Portland’s own Willamette River. The Willamette may lack in waves, but … Continue reading


How often do you sense a piece of music that makes you think? When I say think, I don’t mean thinking about how the triangle player performed such a gnarly triangle solo. What I mean by ‘think’ is self-evaluative thinking. I recently departed on such a cognitive voyage. On hand for my discovery were the … Continue reading


Portland is known for harvesting an eclectic range of electric based bands. However, none of these collections pack as much pesticide free-raw power as Hello Electric. Formatted by Kirk Ohnstad (multi-instrumentalist) in 2005, Hello Electric has grown to include the also multifaceted and very much bearded, Zachary Bendt and Henry Gibson. Together, they serve a … Continue reading

Promoting Imagery: Amos Val

Deep in the cold confines of the 88th street storage unit facility (across from Costco) lives a band insulated by fine sound proofing tapestries from Goodwill. It is here where members Nathan Jurgensen (guitar/lead writer) and Casey Erickson (drums & piano & studio) turn their quaint 8 x 12 vacuum of a unit into a … Continue reading